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About Us


DTIS works side by side with our customers to develop innovative approaches to solving complex implementation and technical challenges. DTIS provides expertise in systems engineering solutions and management process optimization driven by business intelligence. We have specialized capabilities in Air Traffic Management, Surveillance, and Automation technologies; integration of cutting-edge technologies such as VR/AR and unmanned aerial systems; and transitioning safely to new work environments including touch screens, virtual assessments, and SAFe agile practices.

DTIS is a collaborative partner, emphasizing pursuit of goals beyond any individual person or company and we take pride in our diversity. The company is made up of 40% minorities and 30% women, and our diversity spans beyond race or gender. We hire employees from various backgrounds, age groups, and experiences who actively collaborate and inevitably produce optimized solutions due to their ability to approach problems from multiple viewpoints.

DTIS’ experienced personnel objectively evaluate the impact of emerging technologies to the current environment, and attack the gaps and tackle the risks of merging them into the environment of the future.

Our Expertise

Integration Planning & Execution

DTIS’ deployment and project planning expertise increases efficiencies, leading to cost and time savings for the customer.

Systems Engineering

DTIS’ system-of-systems approach applies full life-cycle systems engineering to ensure user and technical acceptance at lower costs while mitigating program risk.


From technical logistics, supply chain and configuration management through operational and programmatic planning, DTIS contributes tactically focused strategy, ensuring applicability and successful execution and maintenance.

Our extensive and specialized knowledge is key to:

  • Manage the expectations of stakeholders
  • Translate operational needs into technical requirements
  • Troubleshoot implemented systems
  • Communicate with the field in a manner in which they can relate
  • Objectively evaluate the impact of emerging technologies to the current ATC environment

Our Leadership

Sarah Staab

Director of Operations

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Joe Longo

Director of Engineering

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Our Culture

At DTIS, we foster a growth-oriented environment for our employees that enables professional achievement while broadening educational and social goals. We draw from diverse personal, work, and educational backgrounds to develop innovative perspectives and collaborate to optimize our ideas through execution. DTIS encourages open and safe communication where ideas are free to flow, and mentorship is actively promoted to ensure lessons learned are passed on. DTIS offers continuing education support, brown-bag lunchtime learning opportunities, and activities such as yoga classes, happy-hours, and team-building field trips. At DTIS, our employees are our greatest asset, and we celebrate the unification of our individual talents and recognize the resulting successes.