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Our experts bridge the gap between concept development and delivery.

Established in 2008, DTIS is a woman owned small business (WOSB) that is constantly growing and evolving while simultaneously providing friendly, effective service. Our team of highly skilled engineers and analysts can help you take your ideas from the drawing board to the field with great success.


DTIS is devoted to integration management specializing in the Aviation, Surveillance, and Automation industries. With our high standard of service and professionalism, we provide a trusted partnership for customers.


DTIS is a trusted and sought-after resource for innovation and solution development for complex system integration. We foster a genuine community centered approach where each individual’s input is valued and contributes to optimized solutions. Through diversity and collaboration, we provide leadership and technical diligence to exceed our customer’s day-to-day needs and provide solutions for their long-term success in merging technologies into the next generation environment.


We are committed to the following core values – highlighting value to our customers and dedication to our employees. We provide specialized experience to our clients to help them achieve their objectives. Simultaneously, we have nurtured a dynamic work environment by encouraging the continued growth of our employees based on their strengths, interests, and long-term goals. By diligently selecting our members using criteria not limited to their expertise, we cultivate an enriching, collaborative workplace. Here, we are family.